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It's easy to say cooling

21 November 2019

The choice of a correct cooling system is very important within the plastics processing cycle.

EUROCHILLER offers dedicated solutions, specifically developed according to the process to be cooled and able to grant the best performances with the highest energy savings.

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Goodbye K2019 and see you at K2022

24 October 2019

The 2019 edition of K in Düsseldorf has just ended and the dates of the next edition that will be held from 19 to 26 October 2022 have already been announced.

Ecological cooling

13 February 2019

We recently completed the installation of the 1st step of a system consisting of ADY-NAX air cooled chillers coupled to ADcooler adiabatic coolers, both supplied with self-draining execution, providing for 4 MW cooling capacity.

The energy savings solution above allows the Slovenian end-user to work without glycol thus boosting the cooling peformances and significantly reducing costs, whilst safeguarding the environment.

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Tailored temperature control for the printing of banknotes

30 May 2019

We have recently supplied an Italian OEM specialized in the production of printing systems with a multi-zone temperature control unit of our newest 3FLEX line which will be included into a wider banknote printing line destined to a North African Printing Institute.

The main feature of the 3FLEX line is its total automation during the switch on & off phases: the unit is in fact able to independently control the discharge of the air from the printing cylinders as well as the cool-down phase of the line optimizing the cliché cylinders.

The system with 6 independent zones is completely monitored by a 10" touch panel reporting and controlling the operational functions (set points and alarms), as well as the flow rate and the pressure of each single section.

Another peculiarity of the line is its plug-and-play function: in fact, in case of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, each single section can be quickly removed, thanks to the use of quick couplings on water-side and of Harting-type connections on power/signal-side; thanks to an additional spare section, the customer may then safely and comfortably complete maintenance operations.

The system is also Profinet-interfaced to the rotogravure line for the basic start/stop functions, the set-point change and the alarms control, being furthermore equipped with a remote service interface.

Our world is boundless: Guatemala

15 April 2019

We have recently commissioned a new energy savings system by one of the many production sites for blown film lines of a very important group from Central/South America.

The supply includes a water cooled chiller providing for 350 kW nominal cooling capacity, combined with an adiabatic cooler of our ADcooler line.

The supply expands an existing plant allowing the end-user a greater autonomy as well as a remarkable energy savings.

A new important element into our sales network

5 February 2019

A few days ago we signed an agreement with company D.R. JOSEPH INC. for the sale and the servicing of our cooling systems into the U.S.A.

D.R. JOSEPH INC. has been successfully operating in the US market since 1989 and provides its customers with efficient and technologically advanced solutions.

Another important element enriches then our sales network allowing us to be closer and more responsive towards the market.

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Sales network expansion - BENELUX

25 January 2019

We have recently signed the contract that officially establishes our cooperation with company AJ SOLUTIONS BVBA for the sale and the servicing of our products within Benelux countries.

The AJ SOLUTIONS' team is skilled and motivated and it has been successfully serving the plastic market for years, offering complete and reliable solutions, now enriched by our production.


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New cooperation - EGYPT

18 January 2019

We are proud to announce our cooperation with company TECHNO CONVERTING SERVICE for the sale and the servicing of our units within Egypt.

TCS is a pioneer company in the MEA markets with experience exceeding 25 years in serving plastics industries, representing the most important European OEMs. Their experience and their knowledge of the market coupled to our ability in providing for tailored solutions perfectly matching our customer's needs will for sure prove winning on the market.

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Eurochiller acquires IsoCool Ltd.

22 June 2018

On May Eurochiller completed the acquisition of IsoCool Ltd., its historic distributor for the English and Irish markets.

For more than 15 years, IsoCool has been providing energy savings cooling systems to the most diverse industrial fields, with particular regard to the plastics processing sector. As a Carbon Trust accredited supplier, IsoCool provides its customers with energy efficient and complete solutions, following and taking care of the projects from their very first phase to their installation and final scheduled maintenance.

Nigel Hallett, owner and Managing Director of IsoCool comments “We have worked as partners of Eurochiller for many years. Both companies know each other very well and we have achieved an enviable level of co-operation. It has therefore, been a natural progression for Eurochiller to acquire IsoCool and I believe that this will make both companies stronger.”


IsoCool Ltd.

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PLAST 2018: great innovations for EUROCHILLER

14 June 2018

The 2018 edition of PLAST has just concluded and EUROCHILLER welcomed its many visitors on two stands inside the halls dedicated respectively to the injection and extrusion sectors.

The future starts today”, the claim that has characterized our communication, perfectly reflects the spirit with which we presented ourselves at the fair: both stands showed technological innovations aimed at underlining our vocation for continuous progress, in a future which always starts today, so in constant evolution and development.


The growth of thermoregulation

12 May 2018

The design and the production of TCUs was launched in Eurochiller in 2009 when the management realized the strategical importance to include these products into its portfolio in order to complete our technological proposal.


Eurochiller gets ready for PLAST 2018

30 April 2018

Within the many exhibitions – 12 in total – we are going to attend throughout this year, there’s one indeed which we take part in with special enthusiasm: we refer to PLAST 2018 which we uninterruptedly attend since 1991.


News from Germany

1 January 2018

On 31.12.2017 EUROCHILLER concluded its cooperation with company ULF GOY GmbH and from 1st January onwards we operate on the German market taking advantage of the professional abilities of Company SUSTEK GmbH, internally aided by our Mr. Giancarlo Passoni.

New cooperation in Iran

16 October 2017

Our sales team welcomes company HAVASAZ who’s going to act on the Iranian market as our official agency and service centre.

HAVASAZ is on the market since more than 40 years and its professional staff is able to offer customers the best competence ever starting from the choice of the cooling system which is more suitable for the user till its scheduled maintenance, passing through its installation.

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SC AUTOSOFT, distributor and official service centre for Romania

1 June 2017

Our sales team welcomes company SC AUTOSOFT ENGINEERING which on 5th May became our official distributor and service centre for Romania.

SC AUTOSOFT ENGINEERING is a professional structure, able to offer its customer the best competence ever starting from the choice of the cooling system which is more suitable for the user till its scheduled maintenance, passing through its installation.

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New agency in Saudi Arabia

30 March 2017

EUROCHILLER is proud to announce his cooperation with company PCT – PROFESSIONALS’ CREATION TRADING for the sale of its products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Professionals’ Creation operates from various purpose built location within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its head office at Riyadh.

The whole staff is at your complete disposal and will be glad to assist and meet you to have the chance of introducing you our newest technologies and best applications.

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